Emmanuel Pahud: Dreamtime


Emmanuel Pahud, Munich Radio Orchestra, Ivan Repušić


Andrew Farach-Colton, Gramophone  (January / 2020)

“In a booklet note, Emmanuel Pahud writes that, rather than ‘stylistic or chronological consistency’, he wanted instead to illustrate ‘the power of dreams and the unreal, as well as the strength of the composers’ personal Romantic visions’. (…) Pahud revels in the music’s noirish tone, however, and his enthusiasm is matched by the Munich Radio Orchestra, who play with character and commitment under Ivan Repušić.ˮ

Xavier Rivera, Crescendo Magazine (01/04/2020)

“Here, with the magnificent counterpoint of the Munich Radio Orchestra under the baton of Ivan Repušić, they delight us in a complicity and a know-how that transform this somewhat ‘medley’ program into a lesson of stylistic flexibility, quality and sound balance.”

Holger Arnold, Fono Forum (December / 2019)

“In the orchestral scores, conceived consistently in chamber-music style, with their partly  refined wind sections, the Munich Radio Orchestra under the baton of Ivan Repušić perfectly blends with the excellent soloist.”

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