Franz von Suppé: Overtures

BR-KLASSIK 900326 (2018)

Munich Radio Orchestra, Ivan Repušić


Michael Cookson, MusicWeb International (October / 2018)

“For this studio release Ivan Repušić, principal conductor of the Münchner Rundfunkorchester, has chosen a collection of eight of Suppé’s most popular overtures. Repušić was born in Croatia and one senses a special connection with Suppé who was born in the same country, then part of the Austrian Empire. Repušić conducts with care and attention and the Münchner Rundfunkorchester respond with fresh and sparkling playing that avoids any excessive level of sentimentality. (…) Repušić gives a thrilling performance of Pique Dame (…), a glowing rendition of Morning, Noon, and Night in Vienna (…) and there’s a memorable performance of the uplifting Boccaccio (…). Recorded at Studio 1 of the Bayerischer Rundfunk in Munich, the sound quality is first class, especially clear and well balanced.ˮ

Manuel Brug, Brugs Klassiker (28/04/2019)

“For the Munich Radio Orchestra, which is most proficient in this music, Suppé is a matter for the chef, and the director Ivan Repušić, also born in Croatia, spoons his Suppé-soup exquisitely. The rubati dance in the exhilarated Offenbachesque introduction to The Beautiful Galatea, whereas in the overture to the Poet and Peasant, the solo cello intones (…) the famous melody that has however become notorious due to Freddy Breck’s hit song Rote Rosen. With eight only too well-known titles, Repušić serves the canon appetisingly; there are unknown works with their famous overtures, such as Light Cavalry, Jolly Robbers, Pique Dame, Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna, as well as Suppé’s everlasting hits, e.g. the other jolly robbers from Boccaccio. With regard to rhythm and melody, Repušić does not rely solely upon attractive effects and gimmick; rather, he searches for colours and forms nicely swinging legato arches. This is the way the operetta culture goes.”

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