Giuseppe Verdi: I due foscari

BR-KLASSIK 900328 (2019)

Leo Nucci, Guanqun Yu, Bernadett Fodor, Ivan Magrì, István Horváth, Miklós Sebestyén, Bavarian Radio Choir, Munich Radio Orchestra, Ivan Repušić


Hugo Shirley, Gramophone (October / 2019)

” (…) I due Foscari bursts with all the energy and invention characteristic of early Verdi, and Ivan Repušić conducting on this live recording made in Munich last autumn  (…) is full of vim and vitality. There’s excellent playing from his rich, refined-sounding orchestra (especially good in the various soulful motifs that weave their way through the score) and superb contributions from the Munich Radio Choir.ˮ

Kai Luehrs-Kaiser, Oper Magazin (October / 2019)

CD of the Month

“Ivan Repušić conducts tenderly and flexibly – and provides for a thoroughly subtler alternative of the reference recording under Lamberto Gardelli, that in 1977 certainly had a superior cast with Piero Cappuccilli, José Carreras and Katia Ricciarelli. (…) So, excellent merits for this greatly underestimated early work by Giuseppe Verdi, which, by the way, may also function extremely well on the stage. As well as one of the – astonishingly – best CD monuments for Leo Nucci’s career.”

Ingobert Waltenberger, Online Merker (June / 2019)

“The Croatian young desk master continues a beautiful Verdi tradition: this genuine, unmistakable, intoxicating feeling of furious ensemble effects, the succession of cantabile and cabalettas, preghieras, stretched triple rhythms and barcarole-typical 6/8 measures, the irresistible pull effect of all of Verdi’s inimitably stirred up extreme situations of the protagonists are now experiencing a revival with Ivan Repušić.”

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