Jakov Gotovac: Ero the Joker

CPO / BR-KLASSIK 6096029 (2020)

Valentina Fijačko Kobić, Jelena Kordić, Tomislav Mužek, Ljubomir Puškarić, Ivica Čikeš, Suzana Češnjaj, Croatian Radiotelevision Choir, Munich Radio Orchestra, Ivan Repušić


Bernd Feuchtner, Fono Forum (July / 2020)

“Ivan Repušić, chief conductor of the Munich Radio Orchestra since 2017, flexes his muscles and chisels the folk humour out of the music. This sparkling energy is irresistible.”

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Zrinka Matić, (20/04/2020)

“The new CD release is remarkable for several reasons, not only as a rarity among the editions of Croatian opera music; in the first place it is a recording of an excellent performance of all the musicians – from the splendid orchestra united with quite a number of the most distinguished Croatian opera soloists and the Croatian Radio and Television Choir under the baton of Ivan Repušić who combines in a unique way among Croatian contemporary  conductors talent and discipline, as well as an awareness of the need to promote Croatian music abroad. (…) Precision, inspiration and energy arise from every moment of the recording, put in a clear, transparent sound perspective which grants insight into all the details of the performance. The very first impression is that of energy and brio that seem to arch every single component of the performance and that – it goes without saying – come from the conductor.”

Ekkehard Pluta, Klassik Heute (18/03/2020)

“ (…) the German listener may be grateful for this CD release. For Ivan Repušić, Croatian chief conductor of the Munich Radio Orchestra, Ero is obviously a matter of the heart, to which he devotes himself with love and passion; he lets the orchestra get into full swing, and the musicians follow his enthusiasm with buoyancy and sonorous splendour. Exclusively Croatian soloists (and the choir) provide for an authentic interpretation.”

Edwin Baumgartner, Wiener Zeitung (24/02/2020)

“In this new recording, the pendulum swings in favour of the energy, which is primarily owing to the conductor Ivan Repušić at the stand of the Munich Radio Orchestra and to the brilliant performance of the Croatian soloists and the Choir of the Croatian Radiotelevision: all the displays of temper seem genuine and the rhythmical driving forces appear so fresh and original that one cannot resist this opera’s charm. It is impossible to perform this piece of music in a better way.”

Ralph P. Locke, The Arts Fuse (04/02/2021)

“We hear a concert performance from May 19, 2019. Every note seems to be in place and doing what it needs to do. (…) Bravo, CPO! Opera houses and college opera programs, are you paying attention? Time to start thinking about new repertory for ‘after the pandemic’!”

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